Neural HWY of Communication

Is there Truth in Conspiracy?

Aside from the enlightenment of these videos, there is an highlighted area of the Youtube video, wherein an author/researcher hints that a conspiracy might be involved in American Education Systems.

Mystery of the Cocaine Mummies

Mystery of the Cocaine Mummies

  1. What we are teaching our Children, in this country (at least) is based off of Evidence revolving around ONE UNIT of the progression of time: BC, CE and AD….How do we calculate time (?)–why, the BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER of the time of Christ. Institutionalized Eucation has limited content of institutionalized education–teaching whatever (& BY WHOMEVER) all that has been ESTABLISHED as “notary; worthy” of learning is TOO coincidental to be void of CONSPIRACY.
    2. Professionalism does not require one to know the law (the constitution); which only perpetuates power in the hands of people we VOTE FOR TO TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.
    3. The public illusion/obsession with “fixing” debt is not backed by ANY gold and silver, or ANY worthy substance–it is reprinted, and reprinted, and reprinted>>how this gets passed Judiciary is beyond me; why aren’t we finding those points in the constitution wherein we could propose a TEST CASE; which legally determines if the part proposed is unconstitutional or not.

4. Physiological dependency of people on W.H.O., not on Nature. Culturally, I feel that we DO lack a collective conscience beyond modern medicine based off of science and pharmacopoeia–a governing system of healthcare provided to us by Social Security. “…medicine [claims the voice behind the educational video, ‘The Bridge: How Islam Saved Western Medicine’ Copyright 1996]…was also a journey from East to West.” What does this even mean?…How does this logic, make ANY sense….UNLESS, we consider the formation and progress of the East Indian Trading Company–when travel and culture (such as monotheism) came together–ONLY then, can we conclude that modern medicine came to America “…from EAST to WEST.”

5. Even the BIBLE (of the Monotheistic religions) neglects to address the appropriate guidelines for optimum health of both body and land

I mean, aside from those working for government, the constitution, legally, protects the works of both AUTHORS and INVENTORS–and that’s it. These systems of power and unspoken control, or what we known as MORALITY/ETHICS enslave us unto a history—a REAL HISTORY–that of which, we do NOT know, and are not familiar with. I say, Bring this sense of lost identity to an end, and question current governing systems (as well as those issues they dangle over our ignorant heads)…we have a safety (and a guaranteed ability for change as we see fit) in numbers granted to us by our Constitution….let’s use it.

….this is what we’ve wrought…a **silent** socialist, and communistic government (some may even say fascist)….not a country of freedom, equality, and justice, but of rule, regulation, and routine: NORMALCY (…as in, monotonous). What’s valid, if it isn’t already predetermined and predestined (for us)?

“If I’ve ever seemed insane, it was a mirror image of society’s lack-there-of-sanity, or at least its obsession within it.”

                                                                                                              –Myself (aprox.) age 19, on (at least) Our American Culture


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