1. How do you you learn?
  2. What, other than Money, do you establish yourself as HAPPY in this reality?
  3. Do you believe in a New Kind of Understanding–empathy–other than Commonplace Religion?

How do I, alone, ask for Governmental Aid ($) to create a new system of education, when I have no petition, because I lack the popularity?

I feel persecuted against because I am empathetic against the current system of government. Why? Due to economical enslavement of happiness, and because we are EXPECTED to TRUST people (politicians/Representatives) to vote for us, instead of voting on issues ourselves. Do any of you feel this way too?


Basic Needs

I was studying…still am…came across certain words, actually all of them, in Chapter 16 on ECONOMY…the word, economy, in itself, is so much more than just money….which is why when I stummbeld upon the word: “inflation [and its definition]: a decline in the purchasing power of currency” I realized….

That money rules us. Our problems of mental health, or physical health–all arise because our basic needs are dictated by it. This to me, is DEPRESSION…and it hasn’t stopped since the creation, or establishing of Currency that isn’t backed by gold anymore…I mean if DEBT (of both national and international) is a constant problem, there’s no solution…..It’s backed BY NOTHING; we will never win.

And you tell me, that is why we have religion.

I say, that’s bullshit. Shamanism and even Herbalism were here as CENTERS to help us withstand detriment of mental and physical health. CURRENCY weakened our minds to need, and now CRAVE help from western/modern medicine (and currency itself). Such dependencies perpetuate Law, in that, this detriment, this addiction (per sae), creates criminals and tyrannts out of the best of us. NOW, today, we NEED religion. I hope those prelates (–who are NOT ignorant to this) are happy….because MOST of us, are not….and It’s a RIGHT, not of GOD, of LIFE–HAPPINESS.

I’m paying for my education…no wonder so many of us lack SELF-MOTIVATION

I cannot believe the amount of respect the education system gives to Media (mediums)….in my American Government class we are studying–ONE WHOLE CHAPTER dedicated to–terms coined by Media, not the Constitution, such as: Party-Platform and Sound Bite (WTF).

I think that repealing the Fairness Doctrine (est. 1947–which maintained honest, equal, and balanced controversial issues–BUT AT LEAST IT REPORTED SOMETHING, INSTEAD OF EXPLOITING ANYTHING RELATED TO WAR, ECONOMY, AND SOCIETAL PUBLIC-OFFICIAL-FAVORITES) increased political, public ignorance. We should have ALWAYS been talking about the Constitution. Then School could have been specifically geared toward public commodities (LIKE AUTHORS, INVENTORS/SCIENTISTS, NEWS ANCHORS, or POLICE ENFORCEMENT)–but you see, that’s all part of the conspiracy to HIDE DIRECT DEMOCRACY from the public with this game of politics, favorites, and morals….see we have no room for a culture of health–only a Health-Commodity: W.H.O.

it’s ugly….what religion and industry have done to our earth, ourselves, and our futures.


maybe i should cut this is TRI POSTS (lol)

Free-Thought ❤ ace

Before I address a societal retrospect, I think I start with myself. The name’s Allysum (it’s pronounced like the flowers, ‘Sweet  Alyssums’), but, most people call me, Ally (Al-e). My hometown is the Midwest (USA). I came from a middle class family–who were also, relatively middleclass (my mother’s side might have been more wealthy).

If you’d rather see pictures, or read some real essays check out my Facebook and Visual CV–I guess, you’ll either love me, or hate me.

Why create this BlogSpot/Wordpress? I love critiquing what reality has come to be.  I lock myself in libraries where I read, write, edit, revise various “projects”–the main one, my autobiography that I have been chiseling since Fall of 2008. It is actually a critique of American society: Poetry–maybe, I’ll even push out another book on ideas to revamp current reality (it would require the volunteer work of others, just as eager…

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Revelation of the Nature/Natural Revolution

I just realized–long after my baptism, and give or take ten years after my catholic/christian upbringing (and 1-8th catholic education)–that the Bible’s 10 Commandments fails to acknowledge the importance of Preservation of the Land and the human body–the importance of each is CATASTROPHIC; do ANY monotheistic religions address the health to both body and land–or do they merely distract us with a holistic sense of RIGHT AND WRONG (to hide direct Democracy, and leave our futuristic fates in the hands of ELECTED politicians)?

….I mean, our current President enlightened us with Going Green–even the Pope came out with a book on preserving the environment, BUT,




How is it that we can progress both industry and religion ALL OVER THE GLOBE, yet, ignore the nature of our bodies and of the land? And, yet NO ONE is responsible for our ignorance. How can this lack of knowledge not be an effect of conspiracy? Why wouldn’t previous Governments and Organized Religions perpetuate such ignorance…..negligence of natural preservations (of both body and land) only enhance the lifespan of BOTH people and the EARTH–so what was the harm….OH that’s right, by controlling populations physical health, we can easier gain control of their minds; hence, power over the people in matters of religion and government.



Formulate a Deeper Explanation: 6 Fear Factors to Mind Control of American Eugenics

1. Ignorance–appeals to the mind control of religion (due to exploitation of Freedom of Speech; its original, sole existence was to give reason and meaning (by unifying people by mourning–burring–the dead) to death since war and economy exploit and enhance human innocence; yet, embraced by government, because of it’s economical reliance; popularizes humanity’s five senses; is manipulated by religious clergy/missionaries , and this distracts people from self-interpretation of the constitution, so that LAWS happen without voting on decisions of pertinent issues (our current system of voting is based on TRUST that government officials will pursuit FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and PEACE . This modernizing of society separated the ancient, holistic (now seen as eastern traditional-way-of-practicing-the) balance of mind, body, spirit…did we purposely hide ancient traditions/practices of herbalism/shamanism in order to more readily influence mass populous just to perpetuate government–historically, did powerful factions erase record of such cultural systems in order to gratify/give common sense to the establishing of economy, constitutional concepts fortify predetermined pursuit of happiness (distracts people from prelates)–socio-economics–fortifies the establishment of government, acts as religious power,  and increases the dependent relationship of economy and basic needs.

2.  Disease–after the establishment and impact of organized religion (mainly monotheism) anything beyond humanity’s 5 senses is feared; becomes one of PEACE’S antagonists; therefore, appeals to modern science, and fortifies (strengthens) the amount of control that western/modern medicine/technology has over our physiological reality; is gateway to the rest of the Fear Factors…

3. Economics–I think, its creation was invented in order to enhance the word-of-the-lord (AKA freedom of speech); markets our 5 senses and fortifies ignorance; popularizes fame while exploiting social recognition; popularizes trade and invention industry and corporate American society (work force of service/human-commodities), and glamorizes the competitive style of bipartisan politics; controls Modern Schools (current curriculum); establishes Social Security, Housing, and World Health Organization–interesting that this Business doesn’t include the metaphysics of Psychology.

4. Genocide–in an effort to expand trade, economy, and industry, it became a common war tactic to human control and domination, and inversely tightens the reigns of religious control over the human psyche, because it was popular and historically respected by governments.

5. Eugenics–Darwin’s theory of Artificial Selection embraces the dedicated practice of eugenics–this should be on the hands of Vatican Clergy too (since they neglected to retaliate Nazi-interventions of WWII–regardless if they respected fascism; they did nothing to prevent, halt, or reverse it…therefore, guilty by disassociation); also, the aim of eugenics was easy hide inside of our free-market system of expressionalism, especially because of the exploitation of ignorances (factions that profited off the appealing to the body, mind, or spirit) and society’s haunting debt unto economy (such as limiting relationship of people and land; establishes a new kind of culture–one that subliminally manipulates, and controls NORMALCY–which polarizes the Poor from the Rich; popularizes modernisms of economy –which changes societal identifiers of Royal Born to Activism; exploits happiness while exposing materialism by exploiting human emotionalism/popularity; CONTROLS economy’s supply and demand.

6. Poverty–fortifies the economical structure, exploits (popularizes) the peace of government while fortifying its power; modernizes religion.

***eventually reference finished manuscript’s page# that apply the 6 concepts***


Before I address a societal retrospect, I think I start with myself. The name’s Allysum (it’s pronounced like the flowers, ‘Sweet  Alyssums’), but, most people call me, Ally (Al-e). My hometown is the Midwest (USA). I came from a middle class family–who were also, relatively middleclass (my mother’s side might have been more wealthy).

If you’d rather see pictures, or read some real essays check out my Facebook and Visual CV–I guess, you’ll either love me, or hate me.

Why create this BlogSpot/Wordpress? I love critiquing what reality has come to be.  I lock myself in libraries where I read, write, edit, revise various “projects”–the main one, my autobiography that I have been chiseling since Fall of 2008. It is actually a critique of American society: Poetry–maybe, I’ll even push out another book on ideas to revamp current reality (it would require the volunteer work of others, just as eager to change the system as me). It took me many, many years to let go of my pride, and conform to what current self-reliance requires (not basic needs, anymore, Abraham Maslov) but first, and foremost, $.

Recently, I conformed (lol); life is no longer about family, but a fiscal responsibility. So, I enrolled with a technical college in 2009, and procrastinated course commencement until 2013. I held onto that monotony of maintaining a 9-5 (job)–while expressing most of my hatred for it through writing–and this is isn’t a webpage to bore you with the narcissistic nuances of my life, but of society’s.

Recently, while juggling NWTC classes, I’d been acting on that wave of creativity and research–even warming up to the world wide web, and utilizing forums, BUT the religious forums didn’t carry as much “umph” (as I’ll call it) as I’d hoped, and I couldn’t even find one all about government, and then the poetry sites are “indiscriminatory,” so I created this BlogSpot/Wordpress so that I can express, and converse my concerns, innovative ideas, and arguments.

Being a writer, it’s true–I read. What literary works interest me? I used to love reading conspiracy fictional works in high school, like Fahrenheit 451; I even enjoyed studying American History–never got off on science, but I really look up to herbalists, and have a little bit of an education there….I would love to find credible sources on Religious Origins (and stuff of that nature).

2 reasons why these topics interest me:

Reason #1: The popular essence of life didn’t suit me…maybe it was because the revolution of the sixties failed to actually CHANGE current society. Moments draw pessimistic over reality, and  I can no longer feel solace (common sense) in our culture; to me, it’s a sick way to disguise enslavement. The irony of hypocrisy is that I (just like those of us I despise for maintaining, upholding, and insisting on its “beneficalities”) wanted to change this  (I still do, I just need people willing to support me–I have an idea, but it costs LOTS of money; maybe help me start a fund raiser, or apply for governmental grants); so, I began this anarchy (fulfilling it’s TRUE definition) and prepared to religiously act toward change it. I write. I’ve been writing, and documenting the effects Democracy has on not just me,  but society; and the necessary plans I’ll strive to achieve in order to deal with it (which is also why I sought out this BlogSpot/Wordpress; be happy in it…). In this nonfiction (autobiography/critique on society) I provide pretty credible sources (in my favor) throughout it.

Reason #2: LIFE is comprised of emotions, thoughts, and actions. We have always had rituals, routines, and practices of self-control. Since much of my experience comes from an American perspective, I am most critical of its social structure. First of all, as much as it values innovation, freedom LACKS the core, the basics of self-control, in that the installation of money,–this profiting off of our basic needs–has separated a healthy balance of a healthy coexistence of mind and body. Foreshadow: An old friend of mine saved me half of my life (literally, an elder) when he auctioned off to me, the six aspects of self-control: IGNORANCE, ECONOMICS, DISEASE, GENOCIDE, POVERTY, EUGENICS. BUT, before we discuss those… consider these 2 Truths to Human existence).

  1. Life of the Body: Our first mistake is by excluding a FREEDOM of HEALTH–how (?)–by commoditizing, and price tagging the once natural and free ways of life (Basic Needs); this is corporate American society. I am not just talking about your fast food industries, or your international trade…I’m asking you to look at social eugenics–how we raise and maintain the lives, the growth of our children (our generations). I believe that this includes, not only religion and government, but education and medicine. These systems are intended to HELP us survive. Had we warranted, or benefited from instituting them?! Or are we trapped by their fiscal responsibility, and the living it is more of a chore, not a fancy–not a positivity; there is no wisdom in this (what coupled love?). America is also known for it’s neglect of nurturing this aging process. Take medicine (because I honestly believe that it’s scientific installation coerced with organized religion in order to control human existence)…Let’s start with Population Control, and momentarily, consider what the current majority view is on Health and Death–it’s a touchy subject, right (?) The majority of our society (Culture) do not die without fear–it’s just common knowledge (it’s NORMAL); hell, it’s religion. Second, other than the creation of economy, how did we reduce spread the wealth of a higher class (?) modernizing Health. Medicine is no longer a way-of-life, but an asset, a thing (not a part of oneself–as it OUGHT to be)–another dictionary definition.
  2. Life of the Mind: After this, we had to exploit the art of intelligence; first of all by conditioning society’s happiness; how did we manage this (?) FIRST by controlling their knowledge. I see this Truth, when looking at what common core curriculums teach. We rid the systems of nature and herbal/shaman tradition; then when the founding fathers’ advice and philosophy got old, we itemized, reduced, and consciously selected EXACTLY what and whom we are still learning. To me, the concepts of History and Health are highly limited in our current systems of education…if you really want to get technical, we would even include–SCIENCE–because, “gestaltly” (holistically), our culture VALUES this (again, it has also become somewhat of a religion–hell, we scientifically acknowledge the management of time–check out my Facebook for details), and through unifying over it, we slow the process of evolution.
  3. Life of Influence: I was raised, not just by a contrary system, but by contrary parents. My Father, a musician (former bay port high school English teacher), humanitarian and scholar, If my mother never would have finalized their divorce, I assume, my Father, would have also conformed to the religious faith of Catholicism/Christianity; yet, his character is what we would call, “liberal;” although, he will never “broadcast”  the way I think, but supports me; finally, there is my mother, still a fifth grade elementary teacher, a lover of nature and its’ beauty, and yet someone I feel more critical about–since she was raised Catholic/Christian, I dislike that she instilled this monotheistic way of life into her children’s lives, yet, I respect the activist within her, that motivates her everyday existence of what I consider The Struggling (divine $ comedy).

My next post shall be a questioning of this acclaimed, respected, and irreversible survival of Hypocrisy.

I wonder who reads what I write? I need some reciprocity; email me with WHO you are, WHAT you stand for, and WHY you are contacting me: