Formulate a Deeper Explanation: 6 Fear Factors to Mind Control of American Eugenics

1. Ignorance–appeals to the mind control of religion (due to exploitation of Freedom of Speech; its original, sole existence was to give reason and meaning (by unifying people by mourning–burring–the dead) to death since war and economy exploit and enhance human innocence; yet, embraced by government, because of it’s economical reliance; popularizes humanity’s five senses; is manipulated by religious clergy/missionaries , and this distracts people from self-interpretation of the constitution, so that LAWS happen without voting on decisions of pertinent issues (our current system of voting is based on TRUST that government officials will pursuit FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and PEACE . This modernizing of society separated the ancient, holistic (now seen as eastern traditional-way-of-practicing-the) balance of mind, body, spirit…did we purposely hide ancient traditions/practices of herbalism/shamanism in order to more readily influence mass populous just to perpetuate government–historically, did powerful factions erase record of such cultural systems in order to gratify/give common sense to the establishing of economy, constitutional concepts fortify predetermined pursuit of happiness (distracts people from prelates)–socio-economics–fortifies the establishment of government, acts as religious power,  and increases the dependent relationship of economy and basic needs.

2.  Disease–after the establishment and impact of organized religion (mainly monotheism) anything beyond humanity’s 5 senses is feared; becomes one of PEACE’S antagonists; therefore, appeals to modern science, and fortifies (strengthens) the amount of control that western/modern medicine/technology has over our physiological reality; is gateway to the rest of the Fear Factors…

3. Economics–I think, its creation was invented in order to enhance the word-of-the-lord (AKA freedom of speech); markets our 5 senses and fortifies ignorance; popularizes fame while exploiting social recognition; popularizes trade and invention industry and corporate American society (work force of service/human-commodities), and glamorizes the competitive style of bipartisan politics; controls Modern Schools (current curriculum); establishes Social Security, Housing, and World Health Organization–interesting that this Business doesn’t include the metaphysics of Psychology.

4. Genocide–in an effort to expand trade, economy, and industry, it became a common war tactic to human control and domination, and inversely tightens the reigns of religious control over the human psyche, because it was popular and historically respected by governments.

5. Eugenics–Darwin’s theory of Artificial Selection embraces the dedicated practice of eugenics–this should be on the hands of Vatican Clergy too (since they neglected to retaliate Nazi-interventions of WWII–regardless if they respected fascism; they did nothing to prevent, halt, or reverse it…therefore, guilty by disassociation); also, the aim of eugenics was easy hide inside of our free-market system of expressionalism, especially because of the exploitation of ignorances (factions that profited off the appealing to the body, mind, or spirit) and society’s haunting debt unto economy (such as limiting relationship of people and land; establishes a new kind of culture–one that subliminally manipulates, and controls NORMALCY–which polarizes the Poor from the Rich; popularizes modernisms of economy –which changes societal identifiers of Royal Born to Activism; exploits happiness while exposing materialism by exploiting human emotionalism/popularity; CONTROLS economy’s supply and demand.

6. Poverty–fortifies the economical structure, exploits (popularizes) the peace of government while fortifying its power; modernizes religion.

***eventually reference finished manuscript’s page# that apply the 6 concepts***


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