I’m paying for my education…no wonder so many of us lack SELF-MOTIVATION

I cannot believe the amount of respect the education system gives to Media (mediums)….in my American Government class we are studying–ONE WHOLE CHAPTER dedicated to–terms coined by Media, not the Constitution, such as: Party-Platform and Sound Bite (WTF).

I think that repealing the Fairness Doctrine (est. 1947–which maintained honest, equal, and balanced controversial issues–BUT AT LEAST IT REPORTED SOMETHING, INSTEAD OF EXPLOITING ANYTHING RELATED TO WAR, ECONOMY, AND SOCIETAL PUBLIC-OFFICIAL-FAVORITES) increased political, public ignorance. We should have ALWAYS been talking about the Constitution. Then School could have been specifically geared toward public commodities (LIKE AUTHORS, INVENTORS/SCIENTISTS, NEWS ANCHORS, or POLICE ENFORCEMENT)–but you see, that’s all part of the conspiracy to HIDE DIRECT DEMOCRACY from the public with this game of politics, favorites, and morals….see we have no room for a culture of health–only a Health-Commodity: W.H.O.

it’s ugly….what religion and industry have done to our earth, ourselves, and our futures.


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