maybe i should cut this is TRI POSTS (lol)

Free-Thought ❤ ace

Before I address a societal retrospect, I think I start with myself. The name’s Allysum (it’s pronounced like the flowers, ‘Sweet  Alyssums’), but, most people call me, Ally (Al-e). My hometown is the Midwest (USA). I came from a middle class family–who were also, relatively middleclass (my mother’s side might have been more wealthy).

If you’d rather see pictures, or read some real essays check out my Facebook and Visual CV–I guess, you’ll either love me, or hate me.

Why create this BlogSpot/Wordpress? I love critiquing what reality has come to be.  I lock myself in libraries where I read, write, edit, revise various “projects”–the main one, my autobiography that I have been chiseling since Fall of 2008. It is actually a critique of American society: Poetry–maybe, I’ll even push out another book on ideas to revamp current reality (it would require the volunteer work of others, just as eager…

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