Revelation of the Nature/Natural Revolution

Revelation of the Nature/Natural Revolution.


One thought on “Revelation of the Nature/Natural Revolution

  1. See the Bible is supposed to be the entire HISTORY of RELIGION, in itself.

    I wonder what kind of deals were made: authors (in the Bible–each Chapter is of a different Author, or whatever) to government officials, or who were once: KINGS, or sometimes QUEENS….how convenient for future governmental/prelatory powers that we have historical records of when both factions “separated”

    …riiiiiiiight….I plead communism. I apologize if I am hotheaded about this, but I feel like swearing–in fact, metaphysically, I did.

    Another thing: while using my tech college online library, I’ve noticed some political obstacles (political because of its VAGUE explanations) in the way of historical truth, or utterly, PROPERLY calculating and recording religious origin. For example, education (or, I guess at least government, but we will call them)–they–they hide the history of religion, or its’ origin, in the idea of intellectualism; as if, intellectuals (are 1. Authors, not mentors/tribal leaders) are protected by Law (like our constitution protects AUTHORS in Article 1 Section 8).

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