Revelation of the Nature/Natural Revolution

I just realized–long after my baptism, and give or take ten years after my catholic/christian upbringing (and 1-8th catholic education)–that the Bible’s 10 Commandments fails to acknowledge the importance of Preservation of the Land and the human body–the importance of each is CATASTROPHIC; do ANY monotheistic religions address the health to both body and land–or do they merely distract us with a holistic sense of RIGHT AND WRONG (to hide direct Democracy, and leave our futuristic fates in the hands of ELECTED politicians)?

….I mean, our current President enlightened us with Going Green–even the Pope came out with a book on preserving the environment, BUT,




How is it that we can progress both industry and religion ALL OVER THE GLOBE, yet, ignore the nature of our bodies and of the land? And, yet NO ONE is responsible for our ignorance. How can this lack of knowledge not be an effect of conspiracy? Why wouldn’t previous Governments and Organized Religions perpetuate such ignorance…..negligence of natural preservations (of both body and land) only enhance the lifespan of BOTH people and the EARTH–so what was the harm….OH that’s right, by controlling populations physical health, we can easier gain control of their minds; hence, power over the people in matters of religion and government.



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