Basic Needs

I was studying…still am…came across certain words, actually all of them, in Chapter 16 on ECONOMY…the word, economy, in itself, is so much more than just money….which is why when I stummbeld upon the word: “inflation [and its definition]: a decline in the purchasing power of currency” I realized….

That money rules us. Our problems of mental health, or physical health–all arise because our basic needs are dictated by it. This to me, is DEPRESSION…and it hasn’t stopped since the creation, or establishing of Currency that isn’t backed by gold anymore…I mean if DEBT (of both national and international) is a constant problem, there’s no solution…..It’s backed BY NOTHING; we will never win.

And you tell me, that is why we have religion.

I say, that’s bullshit. Shamanism and even Herbalism were here as CENTERS to help us withstand detriment of mental and physical health. CURRENCY weakened our minds to need, and now CRAVE help from western/modern medicine (and currency itself). Such dependencies perpetuate Law, in that, this detriment, this addiction (per sae), creates criminals and tyrannts out of the best of us. NOW, today, we NEED religion. I hope those prelates (–who are NOT ignorant to this) are happy….because MOST of us, are not….and It’s a RIGHT, not of GOD, of LIFE–HAPPINESS.


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