I need Credible Answers

  • Chalothicism bore all monotheisim And that >> Picture, Proves an exponential, Trust MOST citizens have for Biblical parables (or what followers do consider, Truths). 
  • When, exactly did the first flux of Bibles first Print, Where, and Which Establishments bought them to sell back to USA citizens; hell, if possible, tell how many copies were sold, maybe there will be an all time high one year juxtapose the rest!?
  • Find the Exact, and ,original authors known to have Written the First Bible;
  • When–preferably EXACT dates–therein, all the monotheistic religions, such as Islamism, that were popularized (find place first publication sales profited–if it was in the states or not at first), and some kind of graph showing the Catholic-Christian inaugural Memberships (so the first Publically addressed one) that show the progression or decline in Loyal-Members beginning with the VERY FIRST tangible hardcopy of The Bible.  Worshipping members trust in Divine Intervention for Stability,  Confidence, Values, and Purpose…No ownership of creativity and invention and Brainwork, Subservience, instead. 
  • Goal is to Find any empirical (tangible) evidence that displays a solid, financial, or war-aide (like shipment of artillerary, World Health Organization–WORLDLY GOVERNMENT does own this; therefore there has to be record of transactions directly respecting the establishment of Religion). Remember the unconstitutionality of lying to the American Public by respecting any establishment of religion, even though Founding Father’s declared, otherwise. For example, just on a miniscule scale–nothing for The Supreme Court Justice just yet; in my very own Poor Richard’s Almanac Dictionary (year unknown, very old) on page 691, right hand column, first word: law…a commandment or a revelation from God…” naught a benefice ensuring Equality and Freedom–no, a Majority, again, Rules. 

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