In the city,
it’s JUST before midnight,
Your whole life Rushes to feel,
Despite the Gravity,
somehow you sit up;
lucky, no throw-up.
—No manor the emotion; Dependency Rapes You.
Just like the clouds reaching their point of saturation
It starts sprinkling, but it isn’t cold.
i figured the peoyte would take hold by now,
you wondered, taking more prozac,

Adversity keeps you walking.

along sidewalks and alley-ways; persistent…
in search of another breath of Instant Gratification,

or some kind of Justification!

—No matter the emotion;

dependency rapes you.

Just as your heart rate beat heavier and heavier with each step toward your destination, so too do the clouds as their Density Thickens.

All the While your family wonders

Does Religion see clearly through such a foggy haze?
>>make the sound of ssssssSSIZZzzzLE, CRACK, POP!<<
And, once again, the rain hits!

WHIPPED by the wind’s chill on your dampened face
if it naught for distraction you'd've missed the surreality of that mirage that lie ahead.
and Gravity powers over you, again.
This time the Unconscious Talks
Persistently, you walk, walk, walk
the Moon Finds you (All), Virgin.
You're eyes glued to the pavement in a submissiveness;
Apprehensively, you envy the freedom of Nature's expression
—No manor,
–no matter
The emotion……….
………..Dependency rapes you.

like the predisposition of
the last of the Hard rain–it echoes from your shoes
Slapping, scrapping, and scuffing that pavement; And
you tell yourself that you are going home.
even though Gravity–that unconscious–
Undertows any destination…the ignorant truth remains,
you will always think instead of KNOW.

The Insanity of living in the moment is Survival’s Catalyst.
You’re chuckling,
laughing at the relentlessness
of the insomniatic Society FAILING to Prove any Collective Consciousness.


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