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A.C.E. b. 10/16/88

In the city, it’s JUST before midnight,

Your whole life Rushes to feel.

—No matter the emotion;

Dependency Rapes You.

Like the clouds reaching their point of saturation.

Then, it starts sprinkling. Adversity keeps you walking. Walking. Walking,

along sidewalks and alley-ways; persistently in search of an Instant Gratification,

or some kind of Justification!

—No matter the emotion;

dependency rapes you.

Just as your heart rate beats heavier and heavier with each step toward your destination, so too will those clouds as their Density Thickens.

All the While You’re wondering

Does Religion see clearly through such a foggy mist?

Then, the rain hits!

The unconscious powers over you;

WHIPPED by the wind’s chill on your dampened face

You are distracted from temperature because of the mirage revealed by the Storm’s lightning—


And through your surreal awareness of what lies ahead,

The moon finds you, Virgin.

Your eyes glued to the concrete in submission, and you keep walking as the storm quits.

Apprehensively, You envy the Freedom of Nature’s expressionalism

—No matter the emotion,

It Rapes Dependency.

With every Slap and scrap your tennis shoes make scuffing the surface of the pavement,

like the predisposition of Hard rain,

you tell yourself that you are going Home

Even though you’ll quit planning

any Destination….The ignorant truth remains:

You will always THINK, instead of KNOW.

The Insanity of living in the moment is Survival’s Catalyst.

Madly, you chuckle, laughing at this relentlessness

while an insomniatic Society FAILS to Prove a Happy, Collective Consciousness.

Source: | Free-Thought ❤ ace on WordPress.com


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