I FEEL LIKE A GODDAMNED CHILD—Broke, disabled, metaphysically brown-nosed by my goddamned parents. I’m making an outrageous quiz for fun—I’ll even take it. WATCH THOSE WHOM CAN’T HANDLE PROVOCATIVE POSTS….It might include pictures 😉

1. Do you prefer Pornos and Masturbation? Or, sexin’ It?

2. GIRLS ONLY–ever REALLY ORGASM, or You fake it most of the time to get them off first as a courtesy?

3. You ever eaten out a derriere?

4. Is it sexier to be Naked, or Naked and Fucking?

5. Do you need drugs, or other such vices to get it up, even if you are only in your twenties?

6. Do you suffer any Edepis/Orestes Complexes?

7. During one night stands, do you like quickies, or fourplay?

8. For more than two persons, Webcam or In the Flesh?

9. Drugs (including Alcohol/drug of choice even if legal medications) OR Fucking?



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