Hanging in, there.

Why haven’t people wanted to fill out my Quiz–if it is because we are really that busy, I understand and will always be “all ears…” (Donnie Darko).

I have spoken to Aaron the Dairy farmer who talked with me about the constitution for a bit, and I believe there will be many more people (yes, Reggie, like you too) to come.

I have my poetry–just need to spark that Strahl, again.


Questionairre for free spirited yet APPROPRIATE anarchists of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA


1. Do you have a little bit of time to meet with me for coffee at The Buzz on Washington Street Green Bay, WI 54303? If yes, when.

2. Do you have transportation (I do not in winter–if you offer I’d love to accept!)?

3.Do you hear sound? Do you struggle with motivation?

4. Are you diagnosed?

5. How will you help me petition the government for a redress of grievances? *response may be like: I want to help write it!

6. CONTACT ME please provide a facetime with me before I put you on the roster 920-737-2994