I need all the advice I can get from the public on mobilizing a green grocers community. I don’t yet have any agricultural diplomas, but I do plan to take a business course soon.

My community, for sakes, let’s refer to it as FurthurBusIII (we can always change the name…).

FurthurBusIII is a normadic and stagnant community (travel-N-show while a base-camp stays home to nurture the extra plants. It will be a refurnished school bus so that it is solar friendly, greese-run-friendly, and any addenums you have to suggest. I’d like a TOUR collection of these, ideally, but maybe just one to start out see how much of USA coasts we end up covering before we run out of product (which will be baked goods)…

I need the willing and able to RESPOND, shoot me a message, somethin…

emergency fund
how big do I feel I can start this nongroup-community?


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