‘Coping’ a base-word to Copacetic?

Mind control is perfectly dictated by authoritative-entities, especially those “meditated” (chaotically?–I dunno who play Wizard with Individual’s “voices” across the Air-waves, but the angles and times my ears flood and then I have a hard time multitasking while trying to Hold, yet another, Biophysicis-Telepathy, my physical being actually experiences, this “retardation” (slowness-of-motion…it Cripples me to have to carry on TWO separate but equal realities (–at least that “promise” applies for most (I’m guessing) of society…

For example, Let’s say I am only/mainly “physically” Ill, hospitalized, and feeling helpless, AGAIN.

AND when I get visitors, like a family member, whom acts like every nurse I’d encountered…wherein, my family member, while squeezing my hand really tight to “show” compassion (even though it comes from within), tells me that I need to avoid self-sustaining-tasks/activities, like peeing, so as not to STRESS myself out

I smile, nodding, yes, I would, and although I wasn’t yet feeding into a malingering scheme (which can happen when Anybody favors anybody), I NOW see how the tantalizing, and Ease of how such “unspoken” mind-manipulation forces this kind of Conceding-Behavior (when it isn’t in the subject’s, myself, best interest, but of the Family members–who really should have just asked me what I felt like doing, instead of assuming he/she portrayed a Perfect act of Child-bearing Love by babying me, like the nurses…

Those, Ill,such as that,(even if only in mental health, the same “self-projecting” effects apply), remain chronically “diseased,” OR heal VERY slowly, due to prestigious-happenstance-to-such-a-scenario.

Culturally, we have done this since Ethnocentricity gobbeled up North America. AND, by the time those unaware that what was at one time, courteous, is now, detrimental to (my) health; by this time those family members are finally ready to change THEIR stunting-behaviors, I’ve all ready dropped Relationships with them–TO SURVIVE.

Mind Control is such a spiderweb of estuaries–conduits–of my nervous system, that I believe many of us lose Identity/personality, and then wake up with just enough time to Grunge oneself into work; the unsettling thing, is that THEN we must still fulfill (AND MAINTAIN) certain, expected social-roles, like the feeling of “happiness.”

Then, we go back to bed, just to wake up and scrape by, AGAIN; thereby, Becoming “retarded,” (literally, physically, even emotionally SLOW), because of the impossible demands involved in balancing the self with any social masks….(even, Nature).

And since this nation has formed itself SOLELY on the concept of Success, science and medicine are STILL Expected it to help us, each, cross those gaping tributaries circulating norms and mores (…Hence, popularity helped us to TRUST one another, not communication)! WHICH, we ALSO must come to, figure-out and maintain coping mechanisms for the lack-thereof-a-fully-conscious(&conscientious) Life….

See why I’m not the only Stoner, Fiend, alcoholic, Druggie, nor ADDICT Comfortably Numb?! 🙂


Feelings took over Optimum Health and “Wealth…”or what was that once harmonious ecology of Humans(EMOTIONALISM/feelings), land, and animals.

I mean i find myself needing a Historical Reason for all the years spent Slaughtering, raping, and defacing Personas and traditions that would have properly prepared me for ego, id, and alter-states-of-consciousness!!!!

It was jealous clergymen who displaced the proper way to “feel” for others….this is an energy-war NOWADAYS….NOT de-evolve their ways of life–because it’s working! (it was at one time, just fine)!!!!!

WEAKEN our “savage, yet Powerful–“I mean, we never even struggled with emotions back then, as Aboriginees/Natives…now I can’t build a routine to jog every day because I LACK THE DAMNED Confidence/motivation, and I’m only 28, and I love myself and really do try to take care of myself!

and I feel like a dying, the ONLY LIVING flower within all this forgotten-folliage, …Slain-from-over-wildcrafting (“ABUSING”; AND it’s this Malice that fries my Asexual-bodice-of-potential-herbal-remedies-in-the-waking…

the Sadism of religious sanctity surfaces after the idiot-role of accepting and tolerating the illogic in mass-treating+mass-generalization to Reciprocity in that Gratification Process into old Age…..Humans (from all backgrounds), HISTORICALLY and majority-rules that GLOBALLY, we have exploited, Biology…..D.N.A.=NONREPLICATIVE even in twins I remember hearing in 10th grade biology class with Mr. Hunt….so how did we find the “Cure” for each and every negative moment of our UNIQUE and deorigined lives? Oh, we must chose with those STATS that are “off-the-charts.”
Paradox, even if i changed my daily rituals into Military-like calories burned, lessons learned, and friends made–I’d never free myself from Twilight ZONE of “Health! (…?)”

the way ecology is breaking up, compartmentalizing, and always being scientifically classified–I should go in for some botox treatments to YouthNize (no pun intended) my ONLY 28 YR OLD LADY SELF, before I have to die in the process of FINALLY grasping what success feel like.

the Routines, Rules, and Regulations of Society, on a HUMANE level, regrets that, ONCE, “precedential,” business-opportunity for “Substance Abuse” to legitimize it’s victim-stigma–

AND FACE IT, fuck compassion it isn’t real, anymore…now, exterior forces, like Pot; now, THOSE are the RELIABLE, EFFICIENT, and RESOURCFUL aide to my VULGARITY–my NORMALCY!

Just Go through Treatment–it’s all religious originated, anyways…just like the dependencies-to-health-care!!! Anytime I try to follow, I’m pining, for What I use to Heal, etc…NOT what Doctors say is right, or even what STATISTICS glorify.

I swear I spend more energy self-defending How I take care of Myself, physiologically, than goddamned domesticated animals do!

There is a proper, efficient, and longevity-process that makes ‘Using!’ a ritual, a routine, a rote, a “center;”….. NOT A DEVIANCE! IM NOT gonna die without giving DeadCulture a Voice, again–must be the Avatar-attribute in me that will never forget the hell those “reformed” Original-peoples had to Endure just to feel stupid and DEJA-VUED..like I know I used to raise myself another way, a more ECOFRIEDNLY and respectable way before the Monotony of Corporate American Society Hits.

Our only Civil Right, I believe, is Literally through that very, American hobby of “Exploitation…” I will leave an artifact of me behind, and I choose Not to Know when it will Happen for us, but it has to happen soon…..will someone(some-ppl) help me carry the stones predecessors feverishly “passed-on,” because I haven’t even contemplated what the market will martyr me into, now…here goes Competition (always hated it, it gave me physical upset stomach, urges to pee (even if only for like one second!) and poop at the worst-convenient-times like at my soccer games! when I am supposed to be PSYCHING myself up, I was sedating stomach aches and avoiding diarrhea, or leaks, OR SOME KIND OF PHYSICAL PAIN at 16 years old!!! IN THIS GODDAMNED FREE, intelligent, and STRONG (–supposedly,) Citizens of the United States.

Let’s ensure that doctrines of ANCIENT times don’t burn up in civilian-started wars…Let’s Bear Reasons why Karma should, also, accept and tolerate FATE and CHOOSE to self-reprogramme, this materialistically-valued, and abhorred-“ghetto” of what government educates us as Maslow’s Hierarchy/Pyramid of basic needs; Save the Avenging, save that heroism to Disney…let’s Evolve! CONTACT ME to BRAINSTORM and network in the Right direction to make this Nomadic Community Reality!


I need all the advice I can get from the public on mobilizing a green grocers community. I don’t yet have any agricultural diplomas, but I do plan to take a business course soon.

My community, for sakes, let’s refer to it as FurthurBusIII (we can always change the name…).

FurthurBusIII is a normadic and stagnant community (travel-N-show while a base-camp stays home to nurture the extra plants. It will be a refurnished school bus so that it is solar friendly, greese-run-friendly, and any addenums you have to suggest. I’d like a TOUR collection of these, ideally, but maybe just one to start out see how much of USA coasts we end up covering before we run out of product (which will be baked goods)…

I need the willing and able to RESPOND, shoot me a message, somethin…

emergency fund
how big do I feel I can start this nongroup-community?

Anybody Can Write Letters, so Try it. ALWAYS be appropriate, and FAIR unto Karma. Or those little reflexes of Hers will, because nature will Always Try.

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Allysum Christina Edwards 10.16.1988

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PLEASE I ONLY NEED THE WILLING AND ABLE 1. Do you have a little bit of time to meet with me for coffee at The Buzz on Washington Street Green Bay, WI 54303? If yes, when. 2. Do you have transportat…

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Hanging in, there.

Why haven’t people wanted to fill out my Quiz–if it is because we are really that busy, I understand and will always be “all ears…” (Donnie Darko).

I have spoken to Aaron the Dairy farmer who talked with me about the constitution for a bit, and I believe there will be many more people (yes, Reggie, like you too) to come.

I have my poetry–just need to spark that Strahl, again.

Questionairre for free spirited yet APPROPRIATE anarchists of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA


1. Do you have a little bit of time to meet with me for coffee at The Buzz on Washington Street Green Bay, WI 54303? If yes, when.

2. Do you have transportation (I do not in winter–if you offer I’d love to accept!)?

3.Do you hear sound? Do you struggle with motivation?

4. Are you diagnosed?

5. How will you help me petition the government for a redress of grievances? *response may be like: I want to help write it!

6. CONTACT ME please provide a facetime with me before I put you on the roster 920-737-2994