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Be critical, or careful about what you read. This BS about Trump ridding our freedom of press is outrageous–thinking this was and spreading rumors as such will only give him credibility to do so!


I need Friends to Help me and I’m not currently smokin’ Grass, but I usually do.

DRAFT I. By Me, A.C.E., and given others’ input at our first meeting, IF and WHEN peeps in Green Bay, WI reciprocate my undying affection after I shown them anger since my Mother took my Off …

Source: I need Friends to Help me and I’m not currently smokin’ Grass, but I usually do.

Novemeber 2nd, 2016

Catholicism wasn’t popuarized–shoved down people’s thraots, actually–till AFTER “Jesus’ death.” Responsibility lies in the hands of communism…maybe there was NO JESUS, just a story, a Saga that would fool the world and pacify trillions just to give them all another argumentative axiom…..see the real reason we had to distract people with religion was in order to establish Science, Medicine–to steal from Native Aboriginees’ traditions’ of The Healing Process that of which has long been since raped, basically.

Hidden Agenda: Jesus’ Story will spread the faith of “Letting Go and Letting God;” when it really only prepares people to avoid responsibility & growth & Passion….we may as well naught have names then if we are to give it all up to “God.”

I FEEL LIKE A GODDAMNED CHILD—Broke, disabled, metaphysically brown-nosed by my goddamned parents. I’m making an outrageous quiz for fun—I’ll even take it. WATCH THOSE WHOM CAN’T HANDLE PROVOCATIVE POSTS….It might include pictures 😉

1. Do you prefer Pornos and Masturbation? Or, sexin’ It?

2. GIRLS ONLY–ever REALLY ORGASM, or You fake it most of the time to get them off first as a courtesy?

3. You ever eaten out a derriere?

4. Is it sexier to be Naked, or Naked and Fucking?

5. Do you need drugs, or other such vices to get it up, even if you are only in your twenties?

6. Do you suffer any Edepis/Orestes Complexes?

7. During one night stands, do you like quickies, or fourplay?

8. For more than two persons, Webcam or In the Flesh?

9. Drugs (including Alcohol/drug of choice even if legal medications) OR Fucking?



I tried creating a quorum about how to Maintain a “Core.” How to meditate, basically. Now I want to create one about Current Food Production in USA 2016…and see if it is spreading globally–which I’ll bet my life, it is.

I think I eat chocolate chips every mourning. Yeah–I may NOT LOOK that fat, but I’ve got my own personal spots that I notice…you know?

If you are not happy with how Society Fed you your whole life, comment here 🙂

What are YOU reading, Lately?

Feel free to bring up discussions about all the topics/Titles/Authors I list:

    1. Where did YOU go? **PLEASE list the VERY FIRST ONE** [(even if it were a bar, or restaruant, like Me, myself, and I–with LOUD music My Father played in various BANDS as I grew…..
    2. What do you feel surrounded in, how do you feel about spending your TIME ON EARTH? **IT IS PREFERRED if ONE is HONEST, during this “Survey.” I Was Diagnosed with Mild-Depression and Axiety as a HORMONAL sixteen year old Female in GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN…and All I asked the Practititoner/Nurse was: I feel like Dying; is that Normal?(…!…)
    3. If you felt better, what would YOU Help ME with?
      1. CHOICES for VOLUNTEERS (NONPAID, volunteers, “FORNOW,” AUGUST 2016 I have NO money to my name to move out of my FATHER’S, but maybe we need someone like Me to save MONEY for the first Automotive job…..or Maybe I should get practice on a SOLAR BUS 1st…Meet me on the N.O.L.S. Bus, anyone is GREEN BAY, or ANYWHERE INSIDE, W.I., who is interested in accompanying me…teaching me parkour, or something LOL!
    4. Leave your Preferred CONTACT INFO. IE (Par Examples/For Example): Ally (AL-E), 1-920-737-2994, P.S.
    5. POST SCRIPT [After (the) Written]: I live within bicycling route to the TECH (means, Cheaper “School”)–N.W.T.C.–Off of West Mason Street ’04. I want to attend a class/Classes/NEW Program to Help Our New Mobile Community Out–PS we need  to ALL agree on a name too….GIMME SUGGESTIONS in YOUR TITLE, 1st text/email/etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    6. –A(Ally).C.EDWARDS